In recent years the number of hard floor surfaces within domestic environments has increased. Often these surfaces are accompanied by area rugs in order to bring warmth and an added design element to a room.
These rugs take many forms, from high-quality hand-woven antiques through to those purchased at low-end home goods stores.
One thing that all these rugs have in common, however, is that at some point they will need to be cleaned.
Most rugs, even antiques, can be professionally cleaned to a high standard safely. Ovenandcarpetgreen will carry out an inspection of the rug to establish what method can be used to clean the item effectively and without causing any damage.
DIY attempts to clean a rug are highly inadvisable as many will require specialist treatment. Some rugs will need to be dry-cleaned only, such as silk and ‘art’ silk (Rayon fibres) because contact with water and water-based chemicals can cause permanent damage. Natural vegetable fibre rugs, such as Sisal, Sea-grass, Coir and Jute will also need to be dry-cleaned. The lignin dye contained within the fibres can migrate when in contact with moisture, causing unsightly and often permanent marks.

Oriental Rugs will also need specialist treatment when cleaned. Some dyes may be unstable and can migrate in alkaline conditions and therefore the colours need to be stabilised. Some of the thinner rugs may buckle at the edges if wet cleaned and need to be dealt with under tension in order to prevent this happening.