Does your pet cause allergy problems in your home?
When we think of our pets, we often think of the companionship, happiness and love they bring to our homes, not the hidden germs and bacteria they carry. However, each time your pet enters your home, they bring with them a variety of dirt, germs and bacteria.

Fear not! Following the following steps can help you to make sure that your home and loved ones are kept as allergen-free as possible (whilst making sure your pet still has a loving home).

Place a mat by the exterior doors your pet uses. This will help to ensure that you are trapping allergens, dirt and bacteria before it has chance to reach the rest of your home. These mats are often able to be washed in a washing machine, giving you the opportunity to remove the bacteria harboured within them regularly.
Wipe your pets’ paws when they re-enter your home from outside. Although this may seem arduous, particularly in the peak allergy season, it can enable you to trap and dispose of many allergens before they have change to impact the health of both you and your loved ones.
Give your pet a regular bath. Whilst they may not thank you for their squeaky-clean new image, you will be able to effectively remove more dirt, bacteria and allergens than through brushing alone.
Mop your tiled and hardwood floors using an antibacterial solution regularly, focussing on the high-traffic areas that will contain the most bacteria.
Where your home has been carpeted, or you have rugs, it is imperative to vacuum at least twice a week to ensure you rid your home of unwanted germs and bacteria.
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So, next time your hear the cat flap rattle, or your dog bounds in after a walk, be sure to follow the above steps to keep your home hygienically clean and your family safe from allergens.